Babysitting – Favorites

These are a few pictures taken throughout the day that I really love.

babysitting 048

Their crazy dog, Buddy…part of him anyway.

babysitting 131

babysitting 147

babysitting 133

babysitting 132

babysitting 149

babysitting 155

Pooped 🙂

babysitting 162

babysitting 176

babysitting 173

babysitting 177

babysitting 179

babysitting 180


Babysitting 101 – Part two.

babysitting 127babysitting 119

babysitting 120

babysitting 124

babysitting 146

I may not know how to cook…but I can make a mean peanut butter and ritz sandwich.

babysitting 164

And….I’m pretty good at heating up pasta in the microwave. 🙂

babysitting 166

Top it all off with a crazy cup of juice!

babysitting 167

Sleepy after a long day.

babysitting 151

babysitting 159

Caught a second wind and decided to play out front for a little while…

babysitting 170

Then the brother/sister fighting started to errupt so back inside we went!

babysitting 175

babysitting 183

Babysitting 101

 This weekend Justin and I babysat Hannah and Nolan (niece and nephew) all day Saturday! Lots of Spongebob, Swimming, Playing, Eating, Sleepiness was captured 🙂

Nolan had some guitar lessons

 babysitting 025

babysitting 026

babysitting 034

babysitting 037

babysitting 057

babysitting 072

babysitting 077

babysitting 082

babysitting 087

babysitting 095

babysitting 099

babysitting 100

Justin likes to take pictures of me…taking pictures haha

babysitting 103

This is Nolan getting splashed in the face by Hannah.

babysitting 108

After he just realized what happened and is not very happy about it..

babysitting 109


babysitting 111

Still upset about the splashing so Justin talked him out of it 🙂

babysitting 116


My Model

  I noticed I haven’t had Justin model for me in quite some time!.. so here are a few pictures taken from a park we went to recently.

babysitting 012

babysitting 002

babysitting 001

babysitting 004

babysitting 013

babysitting 018


As I grow to understand life less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.

-Jules Renard


IHeartFaces: At The Beach

I Heart Faces

I decided to enter this photo into IHeartFaces: At The Beach week because this picture just symoblizes “beach” to me.

My niece and nephew…having the best time at the beach just running down the coast back and forth with their endless amount of energy.


For more awesome i heart faces beach pictures – click here!

[button - at the beach[3].jpg]

Daniel & Liz: Part One.

To me holding hands is a really intimate thing. I think it holds all of the passion you have for one another. Its totally vulnerable and it shows the world how you feel about someone.

This past Saturday we went to some nearby railroad tracks and took some pictures of our friends Daniel & Liz. The coolest part was we barely had to give them any direction – they were just going with the flow. Which makes for great pictures…and I’m just off to the side capturing it all.

dan&liz 073

dan&liz 005

dan&liz 008

dan&liz 019

dan&liz 020

dan&liz 025

dan&liz 038

dan&liz 040

dan&liz 034

dan&liz 046

dan&liz 051

dan&liz 071

dan&liz 084

dan&liz 086