Newport Beach Back Bay – Part One.

 Justin and I decided to take a trip to the Newport Beach Back Bay this weekend and took some scenery pictures. We had never been to this part of the back bay and it was probably the coolest place we’ve seen in Newport Beach. 🙂

wetlands 017

wetlands 021

wetlands 026

wetlands 038

wetlands 039

wetlands 043

wetlands 050

wetlands 052

wetlands 062

wetlands 066

wetlands 068

wetlands 070

wetlands 075

wetlands 080

wetlands 082


7 Responses

  1. Great shots! It’s funny, we were just there for the first time last week. Can’t believe I hadn’t been there before. so beautiful/

  2. Oooh, I love all the nature shots! Just lovely!

  3. Great shots! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving some love!! I was just out in your area last week for J* workshop. I just posted the first part today. You are lucky where you live. The weather is amazing and so many places to shoot!

  4. You really have an eye for lighting and texture. Can’t wait to see more.

  5. Love those detail shots! Forgot how pretty the back bay can be, I’ll have to head down there one of these afternoons! 🙂

  6. These are all awesome. The fifth is my favourite – love the texture 🙂

  7. As always my love, you make my heart smile.
    I love you bunches

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