I Heart Faces – Crazy, Silly, Funny Face!!

This week’s challenge at I  Faces is Crazy, Silly, Funny Faces!! And who would be more perfect than Mr. Nolan himself. My nephew has a million faces and ALL are hilarious!

dunes 042

For More Crazy, Silly, Funny Faces, please click here and check out the Iheartfaces site OR click on the cool button below! 🙂

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I have crossed over to the other side. I apologize to those I have disappointed! 🙂

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Slideshow Fun!

Hey Guys! I decided to put together a slideshow with a few of my favorite photos, along with one of my favorite songs…enjoy!! 🙂

Newport Beach Back Bay – Part One.

 Justin and I decided to take a trip to the Newport Beach Back Bay this weekend and took some scenery pictures. We had never been to this part of the back bay and it was probably the coolest place we’ve seen in Newport Beach. 🙂

wetlands 017

wetlands 021

wetlands 026

wetlands 038

wetlands 039

wetlands 043

wetlands 050

wetlands 052

wetlands 062

wetlands 066

wetlands 068

wetlands 070

wetlands 075

wetlands 080

wetlands 082

Newport Beach Back Bay – Part Two

wetlands 088

wetlands 089

wetlands 096

wetlands 098

wetlands 099

wetlands 109

wetlands 111

wetlands 112

wetlands 116

wetlands 121

wetlands 123

wetlands 135

wetlands 137

wetlands 138

wetlands 139

wetlands 142

wetlands 141

wetlands 147

wetlands 149

wetlands 150

Face Book – Fan Page.

Hey Everyone!

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