Daniel & Liz: Part One.

To me holding hands is a really intimate thing. I think it holds all of the passion you have for one another. Its totally vulnerable and it shows the world how you feel about someone.

This past Saturday we went to some nearby railroad tracks and took some pictures of our friends Daniel & Liz. The coolest part was we barely had to give them any direction – they were just going with the flow. Which makes for great pictures…and I’m just off to the side capturing it all.

dan&liz 073

dan&liz 005

dan&liz 008

dan&liz 019

dan&liz 020

dan&liz 025

dan&liz 038

dan&liz 040

dan&liz 034

dan&liz 046

dan&liz 051

dan&liz 071

dan&liz 084

dan&liz 086


3 Responses

  1. railroad photos are my weakness – you cant go wrong! Well done! 🙂 Cute couple too!!!

  2. What a fun series of pictures – I love the whole railroad theme and they look like they were loving it to – fun pics! Thanks for your comment Amanda 😉

  3. Amanda,
    Thanks for taking pics of us! Sorry we where not the best models. Your work is awesome! Dan and I are very happy with the pics:) Let us know when you want to go to the tide pools.

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