Stephen & Kerri: Part One.

Last weekend we met our friends Stephen and Kerri for a nice sunny photo shoot at their apartment. But when we got there, it felt like it was 1000 degrees outside! I’m talking burning hot people!

However, they were complete troopers with the on the other hand, not so much. 

Even though it was an outside sauna… it was still a lot of fun hanging out and getting some great pictures 🙂

Kerri_Murray 002

Kerri_Murray 004

Kerri_Murray 006

Kerri_Murray 010

Kerri_Murray 016

Kerri_Murray 017

Kerri_Murray 018

Kerri_Murray 019

Kerri_Murray 028

Kerri_Murray 029

Kerri_Murray 035

Kerri_Murray 039

Kerri_Murray 037

Kerri_Murray 043

Kerri_Murray 045

Kerri_Murray 051

Kerri_Murray 062

Kerri_Murray 064


2 Responses

  1. Looks like you totally captured the love between them! I am sure they adore these!

  2. She has such a great smile!

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