Miriam: Everyday – Part Three.

miriam_photoshoot 236

miriam_photoshoot 239

miriam_photoshoot 240

miriam_photoshoot 242

miriam_photoshoot 252

miriam_photoshoot 254

miriam_photoshoot 255

miriam_photoshoot 266

miriam_photoshoot 278

miriam_photoshoot 293

miriam_photoshoot 303

miriam_photoshoot 327

miriam_photoshoot 332

miriam_photoshoot 342

um…yoga anyone?

miriam_photoshoot 349

miriam_photoshoot 352

miriam_photoshoot 361

It was an eventful day 🙂

miriam_photoshoot 318


2 Responses

  1. you are too amazing. An actual model, not just your family goofing around. You just see stuff. The one where she is sitting on the bridge and you got the reflection in the water…speechless. When you get rich and famous remember who your biggest fan is!
    Plus I have never seen Miriam before, how could you take bad pictures of that! She is naturally beautiful. You did a fantastic job girl. Be proud.

  2. looks like a super fun sesson! Great work!

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