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  • Your own photography is never enough. Every photographer who has lasted has depended on other peoples pictures too - photographs that may be public or private, serious or funny but that carry with them a reminder of community. - Robert Adams
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All Together – Part One.

 All of the family got together this weekend to hangout –  P&J, Bo & Manders, Jake, Aimee & the boys,  Mamu, Papu…and 4 dogs.

 Lots of food, fun, and everything else.

FamDinner 006

FamDinner 008

FamDinner 009

I’m not sure what happened exactly…but I know it wasn’t good.

FamDinner 013

And everyone else found it hilarious 🙂

FamDinner 016

FamDinner 021

FamDinner 038

FamDinner 043

FamDinner 045

FamDinner 047

FamDinner 049

FamDinner 061

FamDinner 066

FamDinner 071

FamDinner 074

FamDinner 077

FamDinner 078

FamDinner 080

FamDinner 081

One Response

  1. I saw you visited my blog and left a comment, how sweet, thanks! Come back and visit again!
    You have some nice pics here, I’ll take a look around =)

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