Jackson & Jared: Everyday – Part Three.

boys_beach 242

boys_beach 243

boys_beach 344

boys_beach 338

And these are my favorites 🙂

boys_beach 295

boys_beach 269

boys_beach 246

boys_beach 310

boys_beach 314

boys_beach 317

boys_beach 311

boys_beach 334

boys_beach 351

boys_beach 347

boys_beach 335


8 Responses

  1. These are great pictures! You are super talented. I was checking out your blog the other day. I may have to call you and have you do my gang of kids….if you think you could handle it that is. LOL

  2. that second shot made me laugh! reminds me of being a kid, the one on the top haha!

  3. So many great summer moments. I love the 3rd and 5th shots 🙂

  4. Great shots! I especially love #5! I enjoyed taking a look at your blog and thanks for stopping by mine earlier 🙂

  5. Amanda,

    Thanks for visiting (and commenting) my blog! I love your photographs, and appreciate your kinds words!

  6. Summer is always the best time!

  7. ooh love these beach shots again! 🙂 my fave is #7 – love the angle! 🙂

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