Just For Fun – IHeartFaces…I Really Do.


I entered in this picture below for an I Faces contest. The Category is “Just For Fun”  – and that’s exactly what it is…just for fun! They had two categories – I ♥ Faces Wedding Bells and I ♥ Faces Just For Fun! And since I don’t have any wedding shots at the moment (I plan to have some in the near future) I decided I will enter in one of the many Just For Fun pictures I have!  Please go by I ♥ Faces and take a look at all of the other great entries!

This is a picture of my niece, Hannah.

I love the confidence she has in this picture – total beach bum.

You can tell in her face she’s saying “I’M AN INDEPENDENT 7 YEAR OLD! WATCH OUT WORLD!”



7 Responses

  1. She is such a beaty! I love the sunlight in this shot!

  2. super sick shot of hanna montana haha

  3. Awesome photo! 🙂

  4. awww the beach, just plain awesome!

  5. love this amanda !

  6. great capture amanda! You caught her right on time before she caught that wave 🙂 I totally missed the contest 😦 but I’ll keep checking back for the winner 🙂

  7. great pic! It’s very cute. Thanks for stopping by our blog.

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